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The following describes the terms on which Liventer offers you access to ourservices.
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Liventer is an online platform.

Liventer has been developed with an objective of simplifying entertainment hassles and difficulties. The primary users of Liventer are Event Planners (who organize events for entertainment), Talents (professionals who performs/act for entertainment) and attendees (who attend/ participate to get entertained).

In one side it is an online platform used by Event Planners to plan and execute event/ entertainment services, search and hire entertainment professionals, book Talents and sell tickets/coupons; in another side Talents create their portfolio, promote talents and get invitations/ leads to participate in an event and get booked online. Attendees used this platform to get instant updates on their favorite celebrities, access audios & videos and book tickets of their favorite events/shows.

However, as is the case with sites of this kind, we have limited control over the quality, safety or legality of the services advertised. In the unlikely event there is a dispute, we require Liventer users to comply with our policies.

Relationship between Users and Liventer
As far as relationship is concern, Liventer has three types of "users" namely Event Planner ("Event Planner"), Talent ("Talent") and Attendee ("Attendee").

All the users who use this platform acknowledge and agree to a General User Agreement. An Event Planner and a Talent acknowledge and agree that when a Talent accepts and shares consent for a Performance requested by an Event Planner and the Event Planner confirms an event, the Event Planner & Talent both will be deemed to have entered into a separate User Contract with Liventer comprising the following agreements apart from their independent relationship agreement.Similarly when an Attendee use this platform to view portfolio, post feedback, book tickets for an event or perform any other activities, will be deemed to have entered into a separate. User Contract with Liventer apart from any other independent relationship agreement.