At Liventer, we believe in team spirit. A performer lacks existence without the audience, and both of them go clueless without a great organizer. So, we basically aim at bringing the three on a single platform. Here, they communicate, interact and schedule everything according to their convenience.

Hey, are you a cool audience that a performer can look up to?
At Liventer, anyone can follow their favourite entertainers and get a chance to book tickets online and experience a live get-together.

You fabulous performers, get ready to be noticed and grab opportunities. Hurry, create and upload your creative portfolio and credentials on Liventer. Performers respond to an Plannerlead, participate in events and get notable visibility. We also launch newcomers and help them to be a professional. In this category, you can also promote you as a unique talent.

Confused? Give an organized direction to your unorganized event with the one and only Liventer. Our aim is to provide you maximum assistance to select the venue in conjunction with the audience capacity. We help you to set the ticket price, keep a record on how many tickets have been floated and the entire transaction related to sale of tickets and instant report generation. To add more to this, we can also provide you online tools to promote your events.

Yes, all these are truly an online experience.