The Trio That Loves to Innovate!

Sometimes its not always important that who you are, but it matters that what you do. The phenomenon called Liventer happened to three friends during a summer in 2013. It was more like a Eureka moment when this Liventeridea struck. It provides a common platform for performers, attendees and organizers to share their interests in a single platform and come up with an innovative and grand event. It invites individual performer as well as bands of all sizes and genres to show up their talents to the world. It also give you the opportunity to showcase the ultimate theatre experience and different other shows to compete the top performing arts entertainment.

Do you love entertainment? Sign up now, exhibit yourself to the world and stand the chance to get selected by some of the top professionals in the entertainment industry. Don’t miss the golden opportunity! Yes we will unwrap more very shortly.


Create a single platform to provide simple & quality entertainment solutions for all events, performers and attendees.


Simplifying entertainment and create a larger platform for continuous innovation and make a creative collaboration across the globe.